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Company Description

At Welltec our  innovative wireline conveyed downhole tractors can perform light-to-medium weight interventions and can deliver to the lateral any third-party wireline perforating or logging system, including microseismic monitoring equipment and temporary installation of fiber optics e-lines. Welltec provides a smaller footprint on location by delivering our crew and equipment on two pickups, no fluids or water management are required for Well Tractor operations, and we provide less HSE risks in terms of fewer personnel compared to a workover rig or coil tubing, with fewer pinch points, no heavy vehicle traffic or permitting is required, and less heavy lifting during operations for the same or similar operational results. Our slim 2-1/8" or 3-1/8" OD Well Tractors can be utilized for fishing MWD via e-line, free point, and perforating during casing and / or drill pipe recovery and fishing operations with little or no circulation.

We specialize and / or hold patents in the following technologies:

-- Wireline Conveyed Downhole Well Tractors for both open and cased hole operations

-- Wireline Conveyed Mechanical Services including Well Milling and Well Cleaning via e-line.

-- Fluid Driven Coil Tubing Tractors to extend lock-up point

-- JV with a fiber optic line service provider to Well Tractor convey fiber optics into well laterals for Distributive Temperature or Acoustical Surveys (DTS / DAS).

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