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City Insurance Professionals

Carl A. Olian, II
Post Office Box 1126
Charleston, WV 25324-
Phone Number (800) 377-6210
Email a36d5c03-92fe-4b5f-944d-c2dfee826aa2
Company Description

For even the bravest business, the risks of the marketplace can be daunting. Accidents. Errors. Natural disasters. Liabilities. Crime. Compensation. It's enough to keep you up at night.

CityInsurance, a division of the Hilb Group, is labeled an insurance broker. But to our clients, we are partners in managing their risks. We stand shoulder-to-shoulder, offering innovative strategies and unique products to manage the risk they face in the marketplace. We provide the tools and support they need to face their business challenges and win. 

The Hilb Group was founded in 2009 with the goal of bringing the passion for service and for creative problem solving to the complex challenges facing clients and agencies. The company was launched with a clear vision of creating an industry-leading national brokerage through strategic acquisitions followed by investment in driving organic growth.

Since it's founding, the Hilb Group has grown exponentially to become a Top 100 US insurance agency by focusing on targeted acquisition and strategic alliances in the middle market insurance brokerage space.

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