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Company Description

NGInnovations, Inc., (NGI), was started in 2010 as a “Research and Development” firm. Since its inception, its principle mission and efforts have centered around the “Science of Water Purification” by dealing with different industries, including the oil and gas industry’s produced water and waters used in frac efforts.

Water is the biggest operational issue in the oil and gas industry. Due to the importance of the growing worldwide water issues facing various industries and supplies of water available, NGI’s ”Green” technologies, protected by patents, have all been developed with the premise to add no new harsh chemicals to water that cause problems by remaining or would have to be removed at some later date.

NGI’s resulting solutions are applicable to issues faced by the energy, chemical, and agricultural industries as well as domestic needs for good water. The NGI developed NGPure™ technologies and products efficiently and economically assists in the management of water in a environmentally safe, legal and eco-friendly manner. The resulting "green" approach has become increasingly important due to the increase demand for, and the decreasing supplies of clean water, while the costs of obtaining clean water continues to greatly increase. Increasingly stringent State and Federal regulations on the handling and disposal of contaminated water and fluids have also dramatically increased the costs industry faces dealing with water issues, supply and disposal.

In order to achieve its goals, NGI has assembled an experienced management team that has a proven track record and has worked closely with both the industry and regulators as to provide products that solve the problems faced by all concerned with efficiency and economics constantly in mind, providing clean by-products that can either be reused, sold, or legally disposed.

NGI's current product line includes the NGPure™ Recovery System, The NGPure™ Separation System, the NGPure™ MRU System and the NGPure™ C-FIT System. The technology included in each system is engineered to specifically deal with issues encountered in dealing with the cleaning up water of varying quality for re-use, sale, and/or legal disposal.  NGI’s use of the statement “The Science of Purification” is evident in all its endeavors.

Some of the by-products that can be removed and sold coming from Oil and Gas well produced waters are Crude Oil, Sodium Chloride Salt (NaCl2 99.7% pure, dry or liquid), demineralized water (<150 TDS), heavy meals are such a small amount that they would be land filled, these metals would also include NOM (small amount).

Additional information would be made available upon request.  Please direct requests and questions to: (phone mobile 304/386-3106, office general 304-720-5945)  (phone 304/532-5017) web site:

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