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Company Description

As an industry leader in the disciplines of Civil Engineering, Land Development, Surveying, Environmental and Structural Design. PVE, LLC delivers service excellence to a broad and diverse client base within the energy, public & private business sectors.

Our team has successfully designed, permitted and inspected well pads, oil & gas production facilities, and water & wastewater impoundment storage facilities throughout all major US shale regions. We provide the expert planning and design services necessary to meet clients’ schedules and permitting requirements. Our permitting services include beneficial use permits for wastewater treatment and reuse (123-Permits) as well as Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure Plans, and Preparedness Prevention and Contingency Plans. From dam impoundment permits to ESCGP-2 to highway occupancy permits, the expert planning and design services necessary to clients’ schedules and permitting requirements include:

Well Pad Location Feasibility Studies, Well and Tank Pad Site Design and Engineering, Roadway Design, Erosion and Sedimentation Control Plans, Post-Construction Stormwater, Management Plans, Field Infiltration Testing, Environmental Permitting, DOT Highway Occupancy Permits, Construction Quantity Takeoffs, Site Inspections, Impoundment, Wetland Studies, General Permits, Construction Staking, Utility Coordination, Well Permits, Roadway Bonding, Roadway Video Condition Surveys, Property Title Searches, Well Plat Plans, and Property Lease Surveys.

PVE has been involved in numerous pipeline projects throughout the United States. Our professionals have years of experience in surveying, engineering, design, and permitting pipeline projects for midstream clients, as well as some of the largest transmission companies in the country.

The PVE Title Mapping Team provides unparalleled service and value in resolving clouds and issues apparent in property boundary mapping. We deliver a reasonable geographic location of surface, mineral and lease boundaries for our clients’ assets. Our collaborative team of Attorneys, Surveyors, Engineers, GIS Specialists, and Industry Experts join forces to provide complete Title Mapping and Management Solutions that identify challenges early, minimize risk throughout and result in a solid position for every project.

Our team's full-service capabilities include:

• Routing Studies, Due Diligence & Desktop Analysis  • Surface Boundary & Mineral / Lease Asset Mapping
• Well, Tank Pad, and Pipeline Site Design and Engineering • Field Recon / Parole Evidence Surveys
• Roadway Design & DOT Highway Occupancy Permits • Purchase and Integrity Management
• PCSM and E&S Plans for NPDES Permitting • Natural Resources Delineation / Permitting
• Site Inspections & Construction Management • threatened and Endangered Species Habitat Analysis
• Wetland Studies & Field Infiltration Testing • Cultural Resource / Archaeological Assessments
• General Permits, Federal, State and Local • Right-of-Way Acquisition & Road & Rail Crossing Permits
• Well Plat Plans & Easement Exhibits • Landowner Boundary Reconnaissance
• Construction Quantity Takeoffs & Roadway Bonding • Roadway Video Condition Surveys
• Property, Lease, Pipeline & Condemnation Surveys • Property Title Review & Mapping Curative Reports
• Courthouse / Online Property Research

PVE has a mission to provide sound investigation of the physical, economic, social, and environmental qualities on every project. We stress personal service and a total quality management approach for our clients. Our team takes great pride in our safety culture and how we analyze projects to ensure our client’s success and meet our client’s demands. At PVE, our determined focus it to help our stakeholders “Realize Your Vision”. Whether it is navigating the design and entitlement process for a client within budget and schedule, providing industry training and experience to staff members just launching their careers, or providing increasing levels of challenge and success for seasoned professionals, we take great satisfaction in seeing you “Realize Your Vision”.

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