Pace Analytical Services, Inc.

Company Description

Pace® makes the world a safer, healthier place. For decades, Pace® People have been committed to advancing the science of businesses, industries, consulting firms, government agencies, and more by providing local-level service backed by a national laboratory network. For customers with in-house labs, Pace® provides a range of professional services to keep their operations moving forward. Pace® People work in partnership with customers by providing the service, science, and the data they need to make critical decisions that benefit us all. Learn how Pace® People are working to advance science through sustainable practices and continuous innovation at

Pace® is recognized as one of the largest environmental testing firms in the United States, operating a nationwide network of laboratories and service centers. In addition to high-quality and legally defensible environmental testing services, Pace® supports rapid response for natural disasters and environmental emergencies. Pace® also provides specialty services including PFAS, radiochemistry, air toxics, biological tissue analysis (BIOTA), drinking water compliance, dioxin/furan analysis, and mobile laboratories.



  • Consultants
  • Consulting - General Oil Field
  • Consulting - Reserves and Economics


  • Gas Analytical
  • Gas Measurement
  • Gas Processing
  • Meter Calibration, Sales, Repair & Installation
  • Midstream Gathering
  • Natural Gas Analysis
  • Natural Gas Marketing

Professional Services

  • Environmental Services
  • Laboratory Testing / Analytical Services
  • Professional Services

Reclamation Products

  • Soil Testing


  • Regulatory Compliance Permitting
  • Regulatory Compliance Software
  • Secondary Containment