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Aqua-Clear, Inc.


Aqua-Clear, Inc.

Tom Halloran
608 Virginia St E
Charleston, WV 25301
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Phone Number (800) 598-6098
Phone (304) 343-4792
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Product Description

Your cutting edge oil & gas well chemical specialists are offering drilling foamers and production chemicals for the natural gas and oil industries.

Aqua-Clear, Inc. has an excellent safety and environmental record and has a good working relationship with state producer organizations and environmental protection departments.

Other Services & Products

  • Drilling and Production Chemicals
  • Green Chemistries
  • Biodegradable Oils and Hydraulic Fluids
  • Safety Trained Employees
  • Brand Name Tri-Cone, PDC, and Hammer Bits for the Oil and Natural Gas, Mining, and Underground Construction Industries
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