GEC, Inc.

Company Description

GEC, Inc. is a diversified electrical contracting company that was established in northern West Virginia in 1982 and provides engineering, construction, maintenance and emergency services on high-, medium- and low-voltage electrical systems.

Many necessities in today’s mining industry utilize electrical components that were conceived and created by GEC. Co-founder and CEO Johnny Carter had an extensive  network of engineers and resources with real, practical experience, and he could spot talent in a way that allowed him to surround himself with the very best. With his unmatched work ethic and conquering attitude, Carter cultivated a work environment that could develop ideas and solutions to any problem with workmanship that was second to none. This allowed GEC to produce some of the highest-quality electrical equipment ever created for the mining, manufacturing and wood product industries, and many of GEC’s older creations are still in service.

Today, GEC continues to build upon its reputation of success. With modern facilities but the same work ethic, its capacity for service now includes:

  • Power Line & Substation Construction
  • Right-of-Way Tree Trimming
  • Industrial & Commercial Electrical
  • Contracting
  • Backup & Standby Power Systems
  • Alternative Energy
  • Manufactured Electrical Products
  • Emergency Services
  • Telecommunication
  • Controls & Programmable Logic Controllers
  • Electrical Consulting
  • Shop Services

GEC is one of the most renowned electrical contracting companies in West Virginia. The focus, knowledge and skill set of its staff set the highest standards for the industry. GEC’s professional team is dedicated to completing each project on time without exceeding the budget and can personalize each project to meet a client’s specific needs.

In the nearly 40 years since its inception, GEC has established an excellent reputation with its clients. The team works directly with customers to ensure they receive a finished product that meets or exceeds their expectations and prides itself on providing emergency services any time of the day or week.

This culture of service has afforded GEC the opportunity to provide electrical services to multiple industries, including commercial, industrial, manufacturing, oil and gas processing facilities, water treatment plants and all mining industries such as metal and nonmetal since it is MSHA certified. GEC uses cutting-edge technologies to construct modular substations and control buildings to fit the needs of power supply, pumping, metering and MCC. These units can be used for short- or long-term projects and are designed to be mobile.

GEC’s mission is to give its customer’s safe, reliable, high-quality service in a friendly and professional manner. We take complicated situations and turn them into simple solutions.

Great service. High quality. Reasonable cost. Friendly business relationships.


Architects / Engineers

  • Engineering Services


  • Electrical Contractor
  • Land Clearing Services


  • Consultants

Equipment & Supplies

  • Electrical Supply
  • Generator Sales / Rental / Service

Professional Services

  • Coal Industry Maintenance

Safety Supplies

  • Emergency Lighting